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Awesome burgers at Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

SINGAPORE: It's the beginning of school holidays, and parents across the country are scrambling to find activities to keep their hyper kids and teenagers occupied. So I did a burger crawl with my nephews, trying as many burgers as we can at Jewel Changi Airport. After a gruelling day, these are our top picks with the stamps of approval from an 11 and 14 years old.

B&L Beast Burger by Burger & Lobster

Once we laid eyes on the B&L Beast Burger (S$24), it is all wow and more wow. This is the only place that asked us how we will like the beef patty done. Instead of an ordinary slice of cheese, Burger & Lobster using premium brie in their burgers. Between the sesame seed bun, you get your beef patty and chunks of lobster. You can smell the hint of truffle from their Truffle & Tarago Mayonnaise sauce. There are so many sesame seeds on this burger that you practically can get your fingers covered in it. Every bite is a nutty brilliance.


At first glance, many might choose to give this place a miss. Filled with a splendid display of BE@RBRICK and other carefully curated art toys by ActionCity. One will never expect this is a place that serves up a decent burger, approved by kids. Of the top 3, this is the only restaurant that uses Brioche. It is the only burger with a wagyu beef patty too. The burger also comes with a slice of Swiss Raclette Cheese, some lettuce and slices of tomato. It is a classic burger in a buttery bun. At S$20.9, it is the cheapest of all. As one of my nephews doesn't like truffles, this turned out to be his first choice.

Besides burgers, the cafe does have other items on the menu, including pasta, pizza and donburi. It's ideal for families with kids who can't decide what they want.

Shake Shack

This needs no introduction. Despite the fact that this fast food, but you are paying a higher price comparing with A&W or Burger King. However, the prices are still cheaper than gourmet restaurants. For the prices you paid and the satisfaction you get, we have to put this on the list.

Classic Grass-Fed Beef Burger by Privé Jewel

Classic Grass-Fed Beef Burger (S$24) at Privé is the biggest burger of all. It is the only burger that comes in double beef patties weighing about 180g. It also comes with french fries and a side salad. It is not the first choice for the boys, but it does come with awesome fries, which the boys enjoyed. In the menu, it is stated that you can get your burger patties medium or well done. Unfortunately, we didn't realise this nor we were asked how we like our burgers. We got a well-done burger which I suspect might be a much better burger if it is prepared medium.

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819666


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