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Best Steak Restaurants in tiny Singapore

SINGAPORE: Singapore is not short of restaurants serving high-end steak, with beef imported from the US, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. We are spoiled with choice on this tiny island.

Top 6 pick Steak Restaurants in my little black book.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse Singapore

Wolfgang's Steakhouse at InterContinental Singapore, Robertson Quay, is my undisputed all-time favourite in the whole of Singapore. They import all their USDA Prime Black Angus steak and dry-aged for 28 days in the restaurant itself. This is the only place I know which has its own dry-aged room. But, unfortunately, I don't get to see the room due to hygiene reasons.

The Porterhouse Steak is prepared to perfection. You get the crunchy char and beefy flavour in every bite. If you are going for lunch, you can try their burger too. It is the Classic Wolfgang Burger.

Address: 1 Nanson Road #02-01 InterContinental Singapore, Robertson Quay, Singapore 238909

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

Ranked 13 in the World Best Steak Restaurants 2021, Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse is an Italian Steak Restaurant serving Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, a thick-cut, char-grilled T-bone steak prepared over a high-temperature wood-fired grill, producing a charred crust. The signature steak is 420+ days grain-fed and has a 6 (MB6) marble score from Australia.

If you find the steak beautiful, you got to get the starter and the side. It is as much feasting to the eyes as to the stomach. Check out their Cavolfiore and Burrata. They are just as pretty as the steak.

Address: 26 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238970

Ruth's Chris

My first time here was in 2014. Even since this place holds a special place in my heart. The steaks are served on a hot ceramic plate heated to 500 degrees, with hot sizzling butter. Just the sound of it makes you hungry, and you can't wait to dig in. Like any other steak restaurant, it comes with the classics such as lobster bisque, caesar salad and mashed potatoes. However, don't go crazy on the starters or the sides, as the steak is the star of the show.

For those who love your steak rare or medium-rare, you might want to eat a bit faster or get your steak less done. When the steak is served in hot butter, the cooking doesn't stop. If you are getting the tomahawk, you can ask to replace the plate if it has gotten cold. After all, you are here for the unique way of serving the steak.

Address: 4th Level, 6 Raffles Boulevard, PARKROYAL COLLECTION, Marina Bay, Singapore 039594

WAKANUI Grill Dining

It is the only place that serves Ocean Beef, as far as I know.

Ocean beef is premium grain-finished beef from New Zealand with a strict guidelines. For the first 18 months, the free-range cattle graze on the beautiful pastures of New Zealand. At 18 months, cattle are hand-selected for Ocean Beef, with only the best animals are chosen. The cattle are then relocated near New Zealand's South Island coast, where they're fed a grain diet from neighbouring farms. In the year-round temperate climate, the cattle are checked by horseback riders twice a day, minimizing stress.

No doubt we are all there for the steak, but the lamb chops are something you should not miss. Please pick up the perfectly grilled chop with your fingers and enjoy it. You just can't get enough once you bite into it. Start with the lamb chop, together with the lobster bisque with cheese croutons. Now you are ready for your main.

Another surprise is the garlic fried rice. It is simply amazing to have it with your amazing 21-day aged ribeye. This is when the Asian in me really shows. Having every spoon full of rice with a piece of steak. This is heaven.

Address: 5 Straits View, Marina One West Tower, #04-02 The Heart, Singapore 018935

Fat Belly Alternative Steakhouse

As the name implies, Fat Belly Alternative Steak uses the unusual cut of beef which you don't usually expect from a steak restaurant. If you are expecting to get your ribeye or sirloin, you will be disappointed. Instead, you get to try cuts like petite tender or Onglet (hanger steak). Sitting at the counter, you get to see your meal prepared by a well-orchestrated team of chefs. The live-action from the kitchen gives you an awesome dining experience.

It might not be something you are familiar with, but it is definitely by no means inferior. A little bit of salt is all you needed for the beautifully presented piece of meat.

Address: 10 Jalan Serene #01-04 Serene Centre, Singapore 258748

NY Verden Bar and Grill

NY Verden Bar and Grill is the new kid on the block. Modern dishes are prepared using classical means of cooking with wood-fire. And with a dry-aged fridge at the entrance of the restaurant, you will be tempted by their Sanchoku Wagyu Tomahawk.

There is only one way to cook the Tomahawk weighing more than 1kg, and it has to be medium-rare. Cooking time is more than 40 minutes, giving you enough time to enjoy some of their starters, such as Foie Gras Mousseline and Smoked Beet Tartare & Burrata. At first glance of the tomahawk, we know this is going to be a great meal.

Click here if you like to find out what more this awesome place has to offer.

Address: 78 Airport Blvd., #03-227, Singapore 819666



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