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Mandatory For Diners To Keep The Table Clean

ABC Brickworks
ABC Brickworks

New Rule kicks into effect starting with the Hawker Centres; and for Coffeeshops and Food Courts, the rule will start on 1 Jan 2021

Living up to our reputation as a "Fine" City, National Environmental Agency (NEA) announced on 14 May that all diners must return their tray, clear the litter and keep the area clean in public eating premises such as hawker centres, Coffeeshops and Food Court. This new rule will come into effect for Hawker Centre today, 1 Jun 2021. Coffeeshops and food courts will take effect from 1 Jan 2021. After years of educating the public, using the soft approach comes with mixed successes. Diners leaving behind their dirty trays on messy tables are still familiar sights. This drastic step seems to be necessary. This new rule is implemented over two stages, the advisory period, from 1 Jun to 31 Aug 2021. During this time, there will be public posters and other media to reminds diners to do their part. There will also be SG Clean Ambassadors, Community Volunteers, and NEA officers deployed at hawker centres who will continue to remind diners to clear their dirty trays, crockery and litter. NEA will take an advisory approach, and no enforcement will be taken. From 1 Sep 2021, Enforcement officers will continue to advise diners to clear their dirty trays, crockery and litter properly, and enforcement will apply to diners who do not heed the officers’ advice. First-time offenders will be issued a written warning. Subsequent offenders may face composition or court fines. NEA will also take steps to make sure it is easy to return trays. There will be more public awareness and setting up more tray collection points. Cleaners are to focus on the essential task of cleaning and disinfecting tables.



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