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Simple yet Satisfying Sambal with Curry Noodles at 麵馆 The Noodles, Kuala Lumpur

Sambal at The noodles

Kuala Lumpur: A bunch of us foodies decided to try this curry noodle shop just when lockdowns in Malaysia started to relax a bit more. That said, SOPs were still in place and there could not be more than 2 people at a small table.

So, we combined small tables, to be better able to share the siew yoke love.

When tasting siew yoke, there has to be a satisfying crunch at the crunchy bits, and a satisfying melt at the melty fatty bits.

Pair this with good curry noodles and what you get is a super-duper combination of intriguing flavours and textures.

noodle, curry, cockles
Good curry noodle is hard to find. This one gets the job done.

In Malaysia, no curry noodle is complete without juicy kerang or cockles, so having all these three together is like a Triple Whammy combo of goodness. The kerang is lightly blanched in hot water, so it is not served bloody, but neither is it dried up and shrivelled as though over blanched.

So, if you are looking for tasty sambal, curry gravy, siew yoke, and kerang, this is a pretty good place to get your fix.

For those with bigger tummies and more adventurous palates, there is an option of a Super Bowl that has ten yummy ingredients instead of only 3.

麵馆 The Noodles
麵馆 The Noodles

Address: A-G-9, Fortune Avenue, Jln Metro Perdana 1, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 Kepong, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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