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Top 5 food in Bendemeer Market & Food Centre, there are hidden gems

Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck
Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck

SINGAPORE: Bendemeer is not a usual place you will think of if you want to head down to a hawker centre for a good meal unless you live around the area. When my foodie friend @happyrabbiteatz suggested coming here for brunch, I was sceptical. Boy...I am so wrong. This place has quite many good eats! Some of them are really nostalgic.

1) Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck

First stop, Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck. I am a sucker for braised duck. It is very addictive with a bowl of kway chap or rice in the dark braised sauce. The umami from the sauce is just irresistible.

The duck kway chap, as the name implies, is not the usual pork kway chap. It still has pork belly and pork skin, but it does not have the pork offal. However, you can order additional duck liver to boost up the dish. Like I always say, duck liver from a Teochew Braised Duck Stall is the "foie gras of the East"...So delightful

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2) Toa Payoh Hwa Heng Beef Noodle

Another hidden gem that you don't expect to find is the beef noodle. Don't be misled by its name, Toa Payoh Hwa Heng Beef Noodle is NOT in Toa Payoh. They are not a new kid on the block either. With a legacy dated as far back as 1970, they have been cooking the same dish for more than half a century. They used to be called Odean Beef noodles and I used to be their regular for the dry beef noodles. It still tastes the same.

3) Heng Kee Lor Mee

Lor Mee is quite an unique Hokkien dish. There are lovers as well as haters. Those who love it will swear by it. Usually, you get different toppings from different Lor Mee Stalls and you will be happy to know Heng Kee Lor Mee topped up theirs with deep-fried pork belly!!! Everything tastes better with pork belly...LOL. PS: Please load it with a lot of garlic and chilli.

4) Yong Xiang Carrot Cake

I am not a teochew kueh fan, rice peach cake and soon kueh. However, when Yong Xiang Carrot Cake cut it up, pan-fried it with egg and chilli, they just earned a special place in my heart. I don't know where else serves the kueh this way. If you do, please leave a comment below.

5) Min Ji Laksa

Last stall, but not the least. This is an old school stall which you really cannot miss. Just look for the long queue, which is an indicator of its huge fan base, and you will find it.

Min Ji Laksa
Min Ji Laksa

Min Ji Laksa sells only 2 dishes, mee rebus and laksa. As the name implies, I am here just for the laksa.

Can you imagine a bowl of thick bee hoon soaked in a hearty gravy with the rich savoury flavour of dried prawns and aromatic with coconut milk? Topped with amazing cockles, shredded chicken, boiled eggs, tau pok, bouncy-textured fish cake and a generous amount of crunchy beansprouts. This generous bowl of noodles will leave you satisfied and craving for more. Have this on your gym day, at least you can burn it off later...

Address: 29 Bendemeer Rd, Singapore 330029


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