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McDonald's BTS Meal Only Available on Delivery

McDonald's will be launching the much anticipated BTS Meal on 21 June 2021!

On 16 June 2021, McDonald's Singapore announced that the BTS meal would be available on delivery only on their Facebook page. It will not be available for Dine-in or Drive-Thru. Given the recent cases of Covid-19 in Singapore, the precautionary measure is to prevent overcrowding inside and outside of McDonald's Restaurants.

BTS Meal at a Special Price of S$8.90

You can order the meal through contactless delivery on McDelivery, Grab or FoodPanda, and the special price is 10% off the usual delivery price.

The BTS Meal consists of nine chicken nuggets, two sauces (Cajun & Sweet Chilli), medium fries and a drink and comes in a box with a purple logo.

The Frenzies

The BTS meal has caused huge frenzies in Indonesia and Malaysia.

On 9 June 2021, Indonesia branches forced to shut due to high orders. More than a dozen Indonesian McDonald's outlets were temporarily closed due to COVID-19 fears. These outlets in Jakarta and several other cities were swamped with online food delivery drivers picking up the meal.

On 26 May 2021, Malaysia is the first Asian country among the 49 countries worldwide launched the BTS Meal. According to Malay Mail, BTS fans have been queueing in person and crashing the McDonald’s delivery app and online delivery service. The hardcore BTS fans were even washing the food wrappers and drying out the paper bags building a shrine.

For those who do not like to have a shrine, how about making it into a bag? Packages are seen repurposed and recycled into a bag or a handphone cover. Who would have guessed BTS can be a great spokesperson for the green movement?



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