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New Happy Crab Seafood Restaurant: Cozy Hole-in-the-wall serving BBQ Crabs by Happy People

SINGAPORE: Happy Crab Seafood is located at the quiet corner of Pahang Street and Aliwal Street in Kampong Gelam. Started by Eddie, the former Singapore Airlines Cabin Crews, the seafood restaurant have a relatively small menu.

Upon stepping in, you cannot help but noticed how local this feels. You can feel the happiness permute to everyone. It has such a great "kampong" village vibe.

Fans of this small little restaurant are mostly here for one thing and one thing only, and that is their BBQ Crab. Imagine Teochew Cold Crab (潮州冷冻蟹) getting a BBQ treatment with their special sauce. The end result is peppery, savoury charred crab filled with roe or crab butter. Each crab doesn't come cheap, it is between S$40 to S$50. However, it is worth it! Crab lovers will appreciate sitting there and working on 2 crabs, let the evening passes by. The fun is to get all the meat out of the shell. It is very satisfying...LOL

Look at all the crab butter!!
Look at all the crab butter!!

If the crab is Batman, then the barbeque squid and Pase Pase are Robin/s. This is Batman and two Robins, The Dynamic Trio. There are also greens and noodles on their menu, but those are fillers if you are not full by now.

Do call ahead of time and reserve your crab. Look for Eddie.

Address: 13 Pahang Street Singapore 198613


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