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Oh no....Not another Food Blogger

So...I have decided that I will want to do this after all the feedbacks from my circle of friends due to my love of food. I started off thinking I need to find my niche, looking to what I should do that is different from others. So I jotted down a list

  • Must have a theme

  • Must have great photos

  • Oh...Don't forget videos. Especially get something on Tiktok (which I did)

  • Don't just post photos, make sure you write something and do a proper review.

  • And... I need to an Instagram account too (@BurgerNBacon)


I just want to eat and enjoy whatever I want. I am going to take photos with my iPhone and maybe using a camera occasionally.

I enjoy food and I am not a critic. Just love the sight, smell and taste. I just believe food define us and makes who we are. Of course, there will always be food I like and others don't ....

AND of course, with friends, everything tastes better



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