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Best Black Chicken Soup in the East of Singapore

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

SINGAPORE: Seng Kee Restaurant a heritage restaurant as they have been around from more than 50 years and is still going strong. Despite that fact that they are very popular with the older generation, it still might be fairly unknown for the younger generation in Singapore.

Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup
Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

Coming to this old school place in a coffeeshop setting, the first impression you get is this is a typical Zi Char restaurant. However, most come here just for 3 dishes. Everything else is complementary. It started by Mr Seng Kee who was selling black chicken herbal soup as a road side hawker. Around 1970, the recipe of their famous mee sua was created and added into the menu. The hawker stall became so famous that he moved to Changi Road in order to expand his business.

Black Chicken Soup

Black chicken soup, also known as "silkie chicken soup," is a popular dish in many Asian cultures, particularly in Chinese cuisine. The soup is made using a special breed of chicken, known as the Silkie chicken, which has black skin and bones. This unique breed is believed to have medicinal properties and is highly valued for its rich flavour and nutritional benefits. The soup is typically made by simmering the chicken with various herbs and spices, such as ginger, goji berries, and red dates, for several hours. The resulting broth is flavourful and rich, with a slightly sweet and earthy taste. It is also believed to have various health benefits, including improving blood circulation, boosting immunity, and promoting overall wellness.

Pork Kidney & Liver Mee Sua

Pork Kidney & Liver Mee Sua is one of the quintessential at Seng Kee. As it requires skill and knowledge on how to clean and cook these offals so that it will not to get a tough and rubbery texture, Seng Kee does make it perfect. Together with the dark herbal and peppery broth, this is quite a nostalgic dish that reminds us of yesteryear.

Chao Ta Bee Hoon

The name of dish is literary translated to Burnt Bee Hoon, or Burnt Rice Vermicelli and rice vermicelli is a noodle commonly eaten through out Asia. The Chao Ta Bee Hoon is to take the noodles and pan fried it in high heat to get the slightly burnt exterior and fragrant aroma. Served like a pancake, it is full of wok hei. This is not our first encounter of this dish, but we are surprised to say this might be the best we had so far.

Chao Ta Bee Hoon (Burnt Bee Hoon)
Chao Ta Bee Hoon (Burnt Bee Hoon)

Beside the famous 3 dishes, the rest of the dishes we had tried are good as well like those you can get in any good zi char restaurants.

Overall, Seng Kee is a good spot to bring your folks for a weekend meal, or it is a supper spot after your late night partying.

Address: 475 Changi Road, Singapore 419892



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