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Our list of Best Kway Chap in Singapore

Updated: May 13, 2023

SINGAPORE: There is really no short of kway chap stalls in Singapore, and there are many good ones, and some of these are out of this world.

Kway Chap is a Teochew noodle soup consisting of flat, broad rice sheets (Kway) in a soup made with dark soy sauce (Chap), served with pork offal such as intestines, stomach and pork belly. It is also common to see beancurd, fishcake and braised eggs. Depending on the stall you go to, they might have braised duck and preserved salted vegetables too. In Thailand, the rice noodles are rolled up with pork or duck offal, and meat is served in a clear broth made from a mix of Thai spices and pepper in a single bowl. This dish is particularly well-loved by the Teochew community in Singapore and Malaysia. However, it has garnered a following from both non-Teochew Chinese and other ethnic communities over time.

Here is a list of our favourite Kway Chap in Singapore

Chris Kway Chap

Chris Kway Chap might be less traditional, but it is by no means inferior. You can taste the spices and herbs used in making the braising sauce. If you are a meat lover, you can also get the Pork Knuckle as part of your set. One of the big pluses is they have tau kwa. The portion for one starts at S$5. You can also get the S$6 option for one, which will get two bowls of kway. Chris Kway Chap is potentially one of the top kway chap stalls in Singapore.

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Address: 216 Bedok North Street 1, #01-80, Singapore 460216

Chai Chee Kway Chap

Chai Chee Kway Chap has a robust soy flavour in the "chap", which you can tell by the darker colour of the broth. It starts at S$3.4 for one person serving, and it is S$6.8/S$7.8 for two. You get tau pok, pork belly, big and small intestines, a braised egg, and some pigskin in the two-person serving. You can customize what you want, add or remove items, such as fish cake. It is one of the two titans in Blk 216 Bedok Food Centre.

Address: 216 Bedok North Street 1, #01-67, Singapore 460216

Cheng Heng Kway Chap

Cheng Heng Kway Chap is one of the two Kway Chap stalls in Holland Drive Market and Food Centre and arguably the one with a longer queue. Being listed on the Michelin Guide has helped increase its popularity, but more important is that they serve a splendid kway chap. Uniquely, their standard set comes with boiled salted vegetables, which is a unique touch. The braised sauce has a darker hue which makes the dish very appealing. The kway (rice noodles) is so delicious with the rich soy taste coupled with the fragrant fried onion. You need to have two bowls to be completely satisfied. It is a bit expensive as it cost about S$11 for a serving of two with two bowls of kway. Overall, they are well-deserved to be on the Michelin Guide.

Address: 44 Holland Dr, #02-05, Singapore 270044

Garden Street Kway Chap

To have Kway Chap from Garden Street Kway Chap in Serangoon Garden Market, you must either have a lot of patience or you turn up when they just open, right before the queue is formed. Each order is meticulously prepared, with each piece of the ingredient adequately sliced and placed beautifully on a plate like a piece of art. As a result, the Kway Chap is both a visual treat and gastronomy of Teochew origin.

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Address: 49A Serangoon Garden Way, #01-21, Singapore 555945

Koon Ji Kway Chap

Koon Ji Kway Chap has been around for a long time. This might not be a Kway Chap you will travel just to have it, but the local residents swear by it. One of them even walked up to me to tell me how good this was when she saw me taking photos. Koon Ji Kway Chap serves only breakfast and lunch, a set for two is only S$9.4. The braised tofu is heavenly. This is an excellent option if you don't want to have the Hill Street Char Kway Teow!

Address: 16 Bedok South Road, #01-35, Bedok South Food Centre, Singapore 460016

Dunman Duck Rice

Duman Duck rice is located inside Dunman Food Centre. First taste of the soup in the bowl of noodles, you can't help but notice the use of spice and herbs, which is refreshing. You might even spot some wolfberries in it. The kway chap comes with pork belly, pork innards, pigskin, braised egg and tau pok. You can get the duck too. All of these are covered with some silky smooth braised sauce.

Address: Onan Rd, #01-10, Singapore 424661

Ah Xiao Teow Chew Braised Duck

The duck kway chap, as the name implies, is not the usual pork kway chap stall. It still has pork belly and pork skin, but it does not have the pork offal as it is mainly serving duck. However, you can order additional duck liver to boost up the dish. Like I always say, duck liver from a Teochew Braised Duck Stall is the "foie gras of the East". It is so delightful.

Address: Blk 29 Bendemeer Rd, #01-41 Hawker Centre, Singapore 330029


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