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Impossible Burger at 7-Eleven Singapore

Impossible Burger by 7-Eleven Singapore
Impossible Burger by 7-Eleven Singapore

7-Eleven Singapore launched one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest Impossible Burger in Singapore. Made with Impossible Meat from Impossible Food, it gives yet another option for vegetarians or environmentally conscious consumers.

At S$5.90, it is priced S$2-plus more than the next most expensive burger in the store. However, this is still half or one-third of what you will pay if you have it in restaurants. But don't forget, you are not getting your sides of fries or greens or any service and not with any fancy preservative-free buns.

At first glance, the Impossible burger seems to be smaller than the regular burger. They are actually the same in size once you remove the packaging. Marketing is doing a better job with the Cheesy Beef Burger as the brown paper sure doesn't scream "Deluxe", in my opinion.

For the taste test, I want to compare the burgers made by 7-eleven and not with others. To be fair, we should not expect microwave burgers to be the same as those you get from fast-food restaurants or trendy hippy cafes.

Impossible Burger

In a soft bun with spinach, mushroom and cheese, the impossible burger tasted like meat with a hint of smokiness. However, it does not exactly taste like real beef. The mushroom and the spinach is a nice touch. I do like this more than the cheesy beef burger, which is surprising.

I find the Impossible Burger a tad on the salty side, which I noticed from other impossible burgers. Eating less meat is better for the environment, but there are healthier ways to achieve the same outcome.

Cheesy Beef Burger

At S$2.90, with mustard, pickles and cheese on a sesame seeds bun. Cheesy Beef Burger tasted like a cheaper version of McDonald's Cheese Burger. I would rather pay a few cents more and go for the Golden Arches. verdict

  • I will eat the impossible burger if I want to save the environment and don’t want to recycle.

  • At S$5.90, this is just like what the price indicates. It is cheap, but it’s nowhere near the expensive Impossible burger. It is just economical.

  • I may get these burgers if I need a snack at 3 am, and if they run out of the YUMMY butter chicken biryani.

Besides these 2 burgers, I was also curious about their Chicken Burgers and breakfast sandwich, with the most expensive one selling at S$3.60. I might write about it on another day.

* Impossible Burger is available in selected 7-Eleven Stores.

Burgers from 7-Eleven Singapore
Burgers from 7-Eleven Singapore


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