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KiBar, The Izakaya By Changi Beach

Kibar Japanese Grill + Bistro
Kibar Japanese Grill + Bistro

SINGAPORE: After spending a day out at the beach, we just wanted to chill and enjoy the breeze, and this was when we discovered Kibar Japanese Grill + Bistro. Located inside the Civil Service Club, its tranquil location is hidden away from most visitors of Changi Village and away from all the busy weekend traffic.

KiBar is an all-day restaurant serving modern French + Japanese Fusion in the day and transforms into a bar for modern Japanese tapas-style dining in the evenings.

We were given a choice to sit in the outdoor garden or indoors. Since all we wanted to do was chill, we went indoors.

Kibar Japanese Grill + Bistro
Kibar Japanese Grill + Bistro

For sake lovers, you will not be disappointed as KiBar has a good selection of sake at affordable prices. However, if sake is not your poison, there are also whiskey and gin to choose from.

We start with the mouth-watering Salmon Samurai Maki. The savoury Ebi Tempura wrap in the Maki is topped with sweetness from the salmon and smokey Unagi.

  • Salmon Samurai Maki Roll S$21

The Japanese Grill is a must-have. At KiBar, they used Binchotan Charcoal, known for the unique flavour it gives to meat and seafood, and you can expect these grills to be fabulous.

  • Hamachi Collar S$24

  • Chicken Mid Wing Kushiyaki S$5

  • Mentaiko Prawn Kushiyaki S$13

  • Iberico Spare Ribs S$18

Of all the grills, our favourite is the Iberico Spare Ribs, glazed in teriyaki sauce with balsamic strawberry and Cashew nuts.

Salmon Samurai Maki Roll
Salmon Samurai Maki Roll

Iberico Spare Ribs
Iberico Spare Ribs

For the main, we had the following

  • Unagi Pasta S$21 - Spaghetti tossed in Soy Butter with Grilled Eel and Tobiko

  • Flinstone Tan Tan Ramen S$42 - Ramen in Spicy Sesame Tonkatsu Broth with Slow Cooked Angus Beef Short Rib and Miso Pork Mince. Garnished with Cucumber and Bamboo Shoot, and drizzled with some Blacked Garlic Oil

I must say that we are pretty tickled by the association of Fred Flinstone and the beef short rib. We were mesmerized by this enormous piece of meat.

We will be back at Kibar Japanese Grill + Bistro. It is an excellent place to spend the evening with your family or date.

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Address: 2 Netheravon Rd, Block B, Civil Service Club @ Changi, Singapore 508503


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