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Amazing Tuna Sashimi not to be missed

SINGAPORE: After a few failed reservation attempts, we finally got the chance to dine in this restaurant. We have to book 2 weeks ahead of time to get a slot.

Kuro Maguro is operated by Misaki Megumi Suisan, a specialised processor and wholesaler of frozen maguro, bluefin tuna, and other types of seafood from Japan in Kanagawa Prefecture, distributing to many inns, hotels, and restaurants across the country.

This cosy little restaurant is located at Guoco Tower above Tanjong Pager MRT. With the COVID dining restrictions, it seems like it can only take around 12-15 indoor guests. However, they do have outdoor seating, which can have another 8-10 guests.

Kuro Maguro
Kuro Maguro

Our sole purpose here is to try the tuna. Typically, I'm not too fond of raw tuna because of the aftertaste if it is not fresh. Therefore, the only tuna I will eat is when I am in Japan itself. I was a bit apprehensive about dining here. After all, this is going to be an expensive meal, and I have great expectations.

First, on the table, we have the Maguro 5 cut Sashimi. For S$49, you get 2 slices of each cut. Of course, at this price, we have to eat this slowly to make sure we savour this for a longer time.

Parts of Tuna
Image by Maguro Donya

The Maguro 5 Cut Sashimi consists of the following, and we were recommended to eat this in the order below. Every cut is raw, except for Kuma Toro, which is torched.

  1. Akami refers to the part of the tuna from the upper part of the back and the inside of the fish. It has the least fat of the whole fish.

  2. Kuma Toro refers to the neck side of the tuna. Each fish can only yield a tiny quantity, one on each side of the neck.

  3. Chutoro refers to parts on both the back and stomach of the fish. It has medium fattiness.

  4. Otoro is the name of the fattiest part of a tuna. It comes from the inside of the belly.

  5. Toumi is the upper head part of the tuna. It accounts for less than 1% of the total tuna.

Each of these cuts has its own distinct flavour and texture. Starting with Akami, it is the lightest of the lot as it has the least amount of fat. The torched Kuma Toro has a smoky taste with a little bite in it. The flavour intensified with Chutoro and Otoro, and you can really appreciate the oiliness. Finally, the Toumi, frozen when served, must wait for it to defrost before eating it. It is soft, and as expected, it tastes like tuna.

The sashimi is undoubtedly amazing, but what truly surprised us is the Grilled Bluefin Tuna Ribs (S$29.8). This is the most flavourful tuna meat I have ever tasted. At the first look, I was expecting this to be very bony and has very little meat. Little did I expect the bones in the rib can easily be separated, and between each bone, you get a good mouthful of tuna. This is so oily that I think every bite will make me smarter because of the amount of omega-3 I am consuming.

Maguro Kama Yaki
Maguro Kama Yaki

The next highlight is Maguro Kama Yaki (Grilled Tuna Collar) Medium (S$34). I have never tried Tuna Collar before. The closest I can think of is a Salmon collar which you typically get in miso soup, and I wouldn't say I like it at all. These tuna collars are perfectly grilled, and they are so moist, which are simply delicious. They smell even better! You can easily use your chopsticks to scrape the meat off the bone. You will be surprised how much meat you can get out of each collar.

Wagyu Aburi Nigiri and Megumi Gunkan
Wagyu Aburi Nigiri and Megumi Gunkan

We finish the dinner with Wagyu Aburi Nigiri (S$19.6), flame-seared wagyu sushi and Megumi Gunkan (S$24.8), the ultimate sushi topped with scraped tuna, salmon roe and uni!!!

These are still fabulous, but they cannot steal the limelight from the sashimi, the tuna ribs and the tuna collar. All of these are just unforgettable.

Wagyu Aburi Nigiri
Wagyu Aburi Nigiri

I cannot wait to return to try their lunch menu.

Address: 7 Wallich St, Guoco Tower, #01 - 04, Singapore 078884


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