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TONITO at Jewel Changi might be the Best Latin Food in the East.

SINGAPORE: Whenever we talk about Latin American food, the first thing we think about is tacos, quesadilla and burritos. Most of us would immediately associate it with Mexican Food. Besides Mexican classics, TONITO Latin American Kitchen serves other Latin American street food and staples like Argentinian pasta and Peruvian stews.

After going to Tonito three times, this might end up being my favourite restaurant in Jewel Changi Airport for now.

You got to try their Esquites (S$12) and Mexican Ceviche (S$25) for starters. The smokiness of the corn kernels in the Esquites is addictive. The tartness of the ceviche with tomato, cucumber and seafood bits are very refreshing. The taco chips give it an extra crunch.

At Tonito Latin American Kitchen, they have four kinds of tacos, and we tried the Fish Tacos (S$18) and Beef Tacos (S$18). The first time I tried this, I immediately went for a second serving. They are that good! You have to dip your tacos into the Salsa Chile Habanero aka Habanero Chilli Sauce. The spice will elevate the tacos to the next level.

Salsa Chile Habanero
Salsa Chile Habanero

For the mains, we tried the following. But if you are having the ceviche for the starter, make sure you finish that first so that the acid from the starter will not affect your palate for the mains.

  • Arroz Con Pollo (S$24) - Mexican Rice with Crispy Grilled Chicken, Piquillo Peppers and Crispy Capers. The dish reminds me of paella but with excellent tomato and onion flavour.

  • Argentinian Prawn Pasta (S$26) - The pasta is full of seafood flavour. It has the Argentinian Prawn and Crabmeat, tossed with Crispy Garlic in Pomodoro Sauce. Two of us were literally fighting over this.

  • Sudado Pescado (S$24) - Peruvian Fish Stew with Barramundi and Clam cooked with White Wine. It's beautiful with Mini Baguette (S$2). I do wonder whether this goes better with the bread or rice. I think both will be fabulous with the stew.

Argentinian Prawn Pasta
Argentinian Prawn Pasta

We washed everything down with a Mexican soda, Jarritos. Natural Flavoured Sodas made with real sugar.

TONITO Latin American Kitchen is officially my favourite Latin restaurant at the moment.

Address: 78 Airport Blvd., #02 - 248, Singapore 819666


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